Dog Friendly Holidays Loch Lomond

We welcome your dogs to our dog friendly self catering holiday accommodation in Scotland, and do not penalise you with additional costs for bringing them. Drymen and the Loch Lomond area is a fantastic place to walk and enjoy the company of your furry friend. There are some things you need to bear in mind though that makes life more pleasant for both yourself, your dog, local residents and animals.

  • Drymen is a farming community, and as such you are expected to keep your dogs under control at all time, worrying sheep and cattle is very dangerous and a prosecutable offence.
  • Dog mess, specialist bins (coloured red) are provided throughout the village, please bag it and bin it. We provide bags for you to do this, so please make use of them.
  • Please dry your dog thoroughly before going up the stairs to the main living areas, we have designed a very clean high quality area for you to enjoy, one mucky pup would ruin this for both you and those who holiday after you.
  • Feeding bowls are provided, but we ask that you bring your dogs' own bed, and please encourage them to use it as animals are not allowed on any of the furniture or beds. This is for a number of reasons, not least, to enable us to provide a hair free environment for anyone that prefers not to holiday with animals.
  • Never leave your dogs unattended in the property, guests will be held responsible for any damage caused by their pets and for any extra cleaning required.

Important Information

Dog in snow - Loch Lomond Two well-behaved dogs are very welcome. However we have laminate flooring throughout the upper floors of the building, which is easily damaged if wet dogs lie on it, so a towel is provided to thoroughly dry your pet on the ground floor before entering the main living areas.

To book this dog friendly self-catering accommodation Loch Lomond, please email - with your required dates, number of people in your party and any specific requests that you might have. We will then send you a reservation form so that if you wish, you may confirm your booking details.

Sleeping dogs Loch Lomond